1-10 Employees

Entrepreneurs and freelancers

As a young company, just setting out on its path, your requirements are quite different from those of a more established business.

When you join INTIDE SPACE, you not only plug into an inspiring, professionally-minded, work environment, you also expose your company to a world of exciting opportunities for strategic collaboration.

At this critical stage in your early growth, you’ll have lots on your plate. That’s why we provide a host of professional in-house consulting services: accounting and law, marketing and advertising, recruitment and placement, and more. What’s more, we give you free access to a wealth of valuable knowledge resources, like founders’ agreements, NDAs, employment contracts and more. And, don’t forget to check out our free agreement generator.

What we offer

  • Day Pass
  • Hot Desk
  • Dedicated Desk
  • Private Cabin

Day Pass

Rs 399/- per Day

Access INTIDE SPACE’s facilities for an entire day and work from any of our amazing common area work spaces. The Daily Base plan is all about flexibility, you pay only for the days you schedule. No monthly reoccurring charges, no membership charges.


Individual Desk

Private Cabins

High Speed Internet

Air Condition

Power Backup


Event/Training Space

Conference Room

About Intide Space

Intide Space is a perfect place for freelancers, startups and businesses looking for coworking space.


Intide Space
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