About Intide Space


You won't find us in giant buildings with thousands of cubicles. We believe in the power of face to face collaboration, intimate spaces and tight-knit communities.

All the essentials and perks so that you and your team can enjoy every day you spend in the office.

We are a co working facility located in JP Nagar, Bengaluru. We have a 3,000 square feet space accommodating 9 private cabins, conference room, discussion room and pantry. We also have Apart from this we have a 600 square feet space to conduct events and trainings

About Intide Space

Intide Space is a perfect place for freelancers, startups and businesses looking for coworking space.


Intide Space
BNR Complex, 2nd Floor, J.P.Nagar, 7th Phase, Near Brigade Millenium, Bengaluru - 560078
 (+91) 80-470-92639
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